Ring Lost on Anna Maria Island is Recovered by SRARC

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Ring Lost on Anna Maria Island is Recovered by SRARC

Patrick, Erika and children along with Erika’s parents were down from Ohio for a nice break before school begins. They were having a great time as this was their first stay on Anna Maria Island and they fell in love with the area. Midway through their week here, Patrick was in waist deep water tossing a ball back and forth to Erika who was up on the beach. For some reason Patrick reached over and felt for his wedding ring. It was gone!!!!!!! They search with dive masks for hours but had no luck. They decided to contact the various agency’s in the area to report that it was missing and in the process Patrick googled “lost Ring Anna Maria Island”. When he saw SRARC ring finders he clicked on the site and discovered we would come look for the ring. He contacted Howard Metts and the information was passed on to Mike Miller. Mike scheduled a hunt and met the family and Carl Boekemier at the location. Patrick was able to narrow the area we needed to search and after about 15 minutes Carl got the hit. The whole family was around us when Carl pushed his scoop toward Patrick and with a great big smile on his face Patrick reached in and grabbed his ring. Erika yelled let me see, and when she saw the ring her face turned into a great big grin. Their son had been hunting the beach for treasure and was finding mostly bottle caps with a few coins mixed in. Carl let him use his detector for a few minutes and to listen to what a gold ring sounded like. I think we might have inspired a budding young metal detectorist. Patrick told me after his experience with us he intends to encourage his son to pursue the hobby. That makes SRARC break out into a great big smile. Our best to the family on returning home with a fond memory of our area.

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