Lost Wedding Set Recovered on Anna Maria Island

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Lost Wedding Set Recovered on Anna Maria Island

Keith, Karen and their two children Charlie and Katie came from North London to visit friends and hang out on Anna Maria Island for a couple weeks. On one of our hot summer days Karen needed to cool down so she waded out into the gulf to about waist high water. She spent a little while out there with her children playing a little and she tossed a ball once or twice. She dipped down and then went into shore again. Just before reaching the shore she sat down in the ripples, put her hands back behind her and leaned back on them. After setting there a while she got up and went up to their chairs on the beach where she reached for a towel. At that moment she realized that her wedding ring set was gone. They all looked for some time in the area of water where she had been setting. After finding nothing their friend Tracy googled about lost rings and found SRARC Ring Finders. Keith then contacted Howard Metts who contacted Mike Miller and a hunt was scheduled. After hunting the area where Karen thought she lost her rings Mike spread out into deeper water and after about an hour a good hit proved to be her wedding ring. Mike continued to hunt and then returned the next day but could not find the engagement ring. Mike then reached out for some additional help and returned a couple of days later with Paul Hill and Carl Boekemier. They hunted about three more hours but sadly never found the engagement ring. We are sad that we could not return Karen’s engagement but feel good about at least letting her return to London wearing her wedding ring. It was a pleasure to meet the whole family and we wish them a safe and pleasant trip home.

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