Lost Heirloom Ring Recovered Sand Castle Lido Beach, Florida

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Lost Heirloom Ring Recovered Sand Castle Lido Beach, Florida

Grace and her husband were down for a family reunion from Indiana for the week. On Friday afternoon, she decided to swim out to join her Mom and Dad on the sandbar in front of their hotel. Shortly after arriving she felt the ring that her grandmother had given her slip off her finger! The ring was special to Grace because her grandmother had chosen it for her from jewelry that she had had for many years. Since Grace’s grandmother was there with the family it was especially hard to tell her it was lost.

The family searched the sandbar for hours but could not find it. That night Grace did a search on Google “what to do when you lose a ring in the ocean” and up popped SRARC. She emailed the web site and Stan Flack contacted her. Stan called Mike Miller to see if he could meet her before they had to leave at 9:00 a.m. the next morning. Mike met her and got the details for the search. She said it was just up on front part of the first sandbar and off Mike went to the area she pointed to. It didn’t take long for Mike to figure out he could not walk out to the first sandbar. He had never attempted to swim with his detector and scoop but there is always a first time for everything so off he went. With a little effort, he made it and about 10 minutes later the ring came up in his scoop. The return trip was a little more difficult and he was out of breath when he finally touched bottom again. He does not recommend that anyone try that unless they have a float device so they won’t get into trouble. Grace and all her family were all very happy and amazed that the ring was recovered. SRARC is just as happy to have had the opportunity to help put a smile back on their faces! Well done, Mike! We are all glad you’re an excellent swimmer!

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