Engagement Ring Lost, Found, and Returned on Longboat Key, Florida

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Engagement Ring Lost, Found, and Returned on Longboat Key, Florida

Jeoff and Kaylie were visiting his parents on Longboat Key for spring break from Medical school in Illinois where Jeoff is studying to be a heart surgeon. They had recently become engaged and it was a good time to just relax and enjoy each other. They went out onto the sand in front of the condo and put some chairs out, then placed their towels over the chairs. Kaylie took off her engagement ring and set it on her towel to put suntan lotion on and when done forgot all about her ring. After a short time lying in the sun they decided to go for a walk down the beach. When they returned the wind had blown their towels off of the chairs onto the sand. It was then that Kaylie remembered she had left her ring on the towel. They began frantically looking for the ring and soon Jeoff’s parents and several other condo owners joined in sifting through the sand. They also found a metal detector rental place and tried to find it with a detector but the detector seemed to beep all the time and they never found anything so they gave that up. They searched all day and later that evening Jeoff found the Suncoast Research and Recovery Club (SRARC) ring finders page on the internet. He contacted Mike and they set a time to meet the following morning. When Mike arrived Jeoff showed him a nicely marked area where they had been sitting. About 4 steps and 6 swings later Mike found the ring. Jeoff, Kaylie, and his Mom and Dad, were amazed at how easily it was found after they had spent all day trying to find it. There were smiles all around and Mike’s was as big as Kaylie’s and Jeoff’s. All of us at SRARC wish nothing but the best for these two and hope they have many happy years together.

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