Go Pro Camera Lost at Bellaire Beach, Florida…Found and Returned by SRARC

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Go Pro Camera Lost at Bellaire Beach, Florida…Found and Returned by SRARC

Matt received a brand new Go Pro 3 for Christmas and recorded the celebrations his family enjoyed over the holidays. With lots of space still available for filming he took the camera to his favorite fishing spot and decide to try and get a few underwater shots of his lure as he worked it into shore. He walked out to the edge of an oyster bar he was working and placed the camera right at the edge of the bar and wedged it into place with the shells. He walked away to get a good angle to drag the lure past the lens and when he returned, the water had become very muddy from his foot steps. He looked and looked for hours, He even got some snorkel gear and swam around the area searching but had no luck. He was heartbroken for the loss of the camera, but mostly for the loss of the precious pictures of his family.

He eventually found some of the members of the SRARC ring finders team and we put together a search to recover the camera. Mike Miller scheduled the search for 8:00 am at the lowest tide of the week. The team (Mike, Paul Hill, Ed Osmar, Rick Magyar, Stan Flack, and Mark Sillence) went to work right at 8:00 am and in less than a minute Paul spotted the Go Pro setting in the oyster bed. We didn’t even have a chance to fire up the metal detectors. Nice job Team SRARC!!!!!

Matt had to work so he wasn’t around when we found it but we contacted his wife who told us where to find him. We delivered the camera to him at his workplace, and as you can see in the picture he was very pleased. It was a pleasure to be able to find and return his Christmas gift and great to see the big smile on his face.

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