Ring Lost On Anna Maria Island, Recovered By SRARC

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Ring Lost On Anna Maria Island, Recovered By SRARC

Jerzy was down with his family while his son was attending IMG Academy soccer camp. They decided to stay a few extra days to enjoy time on Anna Maria Island at the beach and in the Gulf of Mexico. Jerzy was out in about knee deep water tossing a ball with his son when he felt sand under his wedding ring. He stopped tossing the ball and spun the ring on his finger and pushed it to his knuckle to rinse the sand off. His son then tossed him the ball and when the ball hit his hand off went his ring. They looked for the ring but as we all know it is almost impossible to find it once it hits the sand. Jerzy found SRARC ring finders with Google and soon Mike Miller was in contact and went to meet him at the beach. Jerzy showed Mike the area where he had lost it but the water was to rough for a safe hunt so Mike said he would return when the tide was right and the water was calmer. Mike returned a few days later and hunted for three hours and had no luck. Still waiting for a good tide Mike returned a couple days later and finally had calm water. Two hours into the hunt the ring finally revealed itself. When Mike texted Jerzy a picture of his ring he was overjoyed. Since Jerzy and family have returned home it will be a few days until he can put it back on his finger and I’m sure when he opens the package he will have a huge smile on his face. It is always such a pleasure to return an item the owner thought was gone forever.

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