Ring Lost On Anna Maria Island, Recovered BY SRARC

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Ring Lost On Anna Maria Island, Recovered BY SRARC

At their wedding on Anna Maria Island, Daniel was preparing to slide the wedding ring onto Emily’s ring finger when disaster struck. In preparation for receiving the ring Emily had removed her engagement ring and slipped it on to end of her little finger. As Daniel started to put the wedding onto her finger Emily’s reaction caused her to flip her little finger and off flew the engagement ring and disappeared into the sand as well. They quickly found the wedding ring and the ceremony continued. Later the whole wedding party searched but the engagement ring could not be found. Someone found SRARC ring finders online and contacted Joe Szemer. Joe called Mike Miller who responded immediately and headed for the wedding location on the beach. When Mike arrived the wedding party had left for the reception and there was another metal detectorist searching the area because someone who had been there when the ring was lost called him over when she saw him coming down the beach. They both searched for about 5 minutes and then the other detectorist found the ring. The Grooms brother (Matt) had called Mike earlier and requested that the he call him instead of the bride if the ring was found so he could surprise them at the reception. Mike was going to drive right by the reception on his way home so the other detectorist kindly gave Mike the ring so it could be delivered. Mike arrived about an hour later and called Matt to come to the parking area to get the ring. Matt had a master plan to  present the ring to the Bride and Groom and invited Mike in to watch. Matt got the microphone and called his brother to center stage. He then talked a little about the catastrophe at the wedding and then open the box and gave the ring to his brother. Daniel called Emily up and got down on one knee and slipped the ring back onto her finger. The crowd was cheering and everyone was smiling from ear to ear. SRARC wants to wish the Bride and Groom the best for their future life together. We always like to be a smiling part to a happy ending.

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