Earring Lost On Longboat Key, Recovered BY SRARC

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Earring Lost On Longboat Key, Recovered BY SRARC

Erin was down from Maryland with her husband and friends on Longboat Key for a winter break. They had packed up and headed to the beach for a nice day in the sun. As they were setting their chairs and umbrella up Erin caught a piece of the umbrella in one of her earrings. She wrestled with it for a few seconds and then felt the earring come off so she finished putting the umbrella in place thinking she would find her earring after things were all setup. When she finished she started looking for the earring and found nothing. The group spent the next three hours searching the area around the umbrella. They finally gave up and spent some time enjoying the beach. After returning to their rental unit Erin searched the internet for a rental metal detector. In the search SRARC ring finders popped up and she thought that she would be smart to let an experienced detectorist search instead of trying herself. She contacted Joe Szemer who contacted Mike Miller who then made arrangements to meet Erin at the location. After about 1 minute of hunting Mike found the earring and returned it to a smiling but disbelieving Erin. They all cheered and smiled but could not believe it was found so fast after they searched for so long. SRARC is happy to be able to send Erin home with her special earring and not with just a sad story about a lost earring.

One thought on “Earring Lost On Longboat Key, Recovered BY SRARC”

  1. Thank you again, Mike! We were indeed all quite disbelieving with the quick find. But we are all especially heartened to know there are people who do this kind of thing for others out of generosity and the joy they get from seeing other people happy and relieved. Thank you for your time (driving and meeting us) and lending your skill as a detectorist to me. I am so glad I stumbled upon ring-finders while searching for a rental. I’d maybe still be out there searching.

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