Ring Lost On Davis Island, Florida, Recovered By SRARC

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Ring Lost On Davis Island, Florida, Recovered By SRARC

Fitzgerald was playing volleyball in shallow water at the Davis Island Dog Beach in Tampa. As he was driving home, he realized that his platinum wedding band was not on his finger! He felt sure that his ring had come off during his time at the beach, but he was unable to locate it. Months passed (the ring was lost in June!), then Fitzgerald heard about SRARC and Ringfinders. He contacted SRARC’s president, Howard Metts, who in turn arranged for a group of hunters to meet at the site. Fitzgerald watched as Howard Metts, Dimitur Alipiev, Bill Gallant, and Mike Shuler gridded the area with their detectors. After about 30 minutes, Dimitur held up a ring and a jubilant Fitzgerald identified it! The ring had been just out of site under an inch of sand at the water’s edge for nearly four months! We’re glad Fitzgerald never lost hope in finding his ring, and happy to have been able to play a part in its return!

2 thoughts on “Ring Lost On Davis Island, Florida, Recovered By SRARC”

  1. Hi!
    Wishing to join the club and my desire is to search Beaches and shallow off shore water.
    I am intending to be at the next club meetup at the end of this February. Looking forward to learning from my new to be mates and will share my lucky finds when I alas hit the beach!

  2. Hello! Yesterday I lost my house and car keys (w fob) on it along with LA FItness tag. I was walking my dogs at Seaplane Basin Park on Davis Island. I was walking all the way down to the benches by the water. Retraced my steps but could not find em!!! Already paid a locksmith to start car, but would like my keys back if you can help.

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