Lost Ring Honeymoon Island, SRARC To The Rescue

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Lost Ring Honeymoon Island, SRARC To The Rescue

Michael was swimming with his family at Honeymoon Island State Park when he lost his gold wedding ring and was told by the Ranger to call Howard Metts. I hunted for 2 hours with no luck but was able to find a young mans silver chain he had lost prior to me arriving for the ring hunt. Two days latter w we had five hunters from our SRARC Ringfinders, Mike Shuler, Bill Gallant, Joe Montione, Dimitur Alipiev, and my self. An hour and forty minutes into the hunt, Joe Montione came up with the ring.

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  1. On Saturday May 18, 2019, I was enjoying swimming and beach time with family and friends at 24 th Avenue Indian Rocks Beach. Two days prior, I had just completed dental work for a unit of 6 dental implants (porcelain with silver lining.) I was wearing the crowns for 1.5 week uncemented to make sure they were comfortable and needed no adjustment prior to my appointment on May 28 to cement them on permanently.

    Unfortunately, they came out in the water when a wave hit me. I was about chest high. I offered a reward of $500 if anyone found to all swimming in the area… at least 25 people. We were swimming around and looking all over. One of the surfers told me about SRARC and I promptly canned and talked to Howard. He was able to locate a volunteer – Eddie – who came over to begin searching in the water late that afternoon. The next day Howard, Eddie and another volunteer spent 3 hours looking for my teeth. Alas, they were not located.

    Their professional efforts were one of the nicest things anyone has done for me in a long time. I posted pictures and a reward offer at the Indian Rocks Beach 24th Avenue Facebook checking site and on Craigs list as a last hope that they might be found. I came here today to make a donatation and to tell my story. In three days I will see my prosthodontist and impressions for new crowns will need to be made, likely costing me $5,000 to $6,000 in addition to all the money already spent. At this point I just accept and move on, do what gotta do.

    Even though these volunteers were not successful in finding my teeth, they cleared their schedules on a busy weekend and promply searched, gave it their best effort. I cannot adequately express how thankful/ appreciative I am about your efforts. What a wonderful volunteer service — SRARC!!!!! Thank you again!!

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