Lost Ring Is Recovered At Longboat Key

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Lost Ring Is Recovered At Longboat Key

Jamie and Matt came down to Longboat Key for a one-week vacation with the whole family to get away from the bitter cold in New York and Washington DC. When they arrived, they went out onto the beach to join Mom, Dad, and siblings. Jamie took off her wedding set, put the rings into her shirt pocket and proceeded to lather up the kids with suntan lotion. When done, the started walking down the beach looking for shells.

Apparently as she bent over to pick up shells or to pick up the kids the rings fell out of her shirt pocket. At some point later in the day she remembered her rings were in her pocket, but when she reached for them, they were gone. Her heart sank and she called out to her family that her rings were missing. They searched but had no luck. Later that afternoon Matt found SRARC on the Ring Finders site.

A meeting time for the next morning was arranged and Paul Hill, Ed Osmar, and Mike Miller showed up to search. They were told the just before they arrived one of the rings had been found by Jamie’s brother-in-law, but the engagement ring was still missing. After listening to what had happened and going to the area where the ring had been found a search began. After covering the area around where the one ring had been found the group divided the beach into 3 sections and proceeded to hunt those areas. When Paul got done in his area, he returned to an area close to where the first ring had been found. Sure, enough in a few minutes he got the signal and out came the beautiful engagement ring. We spent just under an hour searching and the payoff was outstanding. We got lots of cheering and a boat load of smiles. Now the whole family and relax for a week in the sun without worrying about the lost rings.

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