Cheerleader Loses Wedding Ring Set In Oldsmar, SRARC Recovers It

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Cheerleader loses wedding ring set in oldsmar

Christi leads a cheerleading team in Oldsmar, Florida.  On Wednesday night, prior to practice, she had removed her wedding band and engagement ring and set it on top of her bag.  With darkness falling and practice over, the girls grabbed their bags. Christi gets to her car and reality steps in !!!  My rings !!! Racing back to the corner of the field, no rings were found.

On Thursday, Ryan, her husband was able to borrow a metal detector at work.  Four hours of gridding and searching delivered a big, fat goose egg.

Ryan did some internet searching and was lead to the Suncoast Research and Recovery Club and their team of Ring Finders.  Mark Prue got the call from Ryan on Friday and the three agreed to meet in Oldsmar the following morning.

After dodging a disc golf tournament, dog walkers and a cricket match in progress, Mark started searching the area.  The second target Mark came across found his XP Deus screaming GOLD !!  A quick search with the pinpointer confirmed it.  He pulled the grass aside and there it was !!! He called Christi over, told her to look here …..hugs and tears ensued !!! Another return for the Ring Finders !!

The wedding ring set.
A wedding set recovered. Christi with Mark.
Mark snaps a picture of Christi’s recovered wedding ring set.


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