Hope Ring Lost, Found, and Returned on Venice Beach, Florida

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Hope Ring Lost, Found, and Returned on Venice Beach, Florida

The 100th Return for Jay and Karen Ganz

While vacationing with my daughter in FL, I took my ring off to put sunscreen on. I got up to attend to my three year-old and forgot my ring was on my lap. I didn’t realize the ring fell into the sand until an hour later when we were packing the car to leave. My father and I went back and combed the beach with our hands and feet for over an hour with no luck. That night I was sick to my stomach…the ring wasn’t a material possession, it was a ring I made for myself in 2014 when my daughter and I moved back to NJ from WA state, a new 2-person duo. When faced with being a single mom I told myself, “You got this” and I traded in some jewelry I no longer used to have a hope ring made. Two years later the ring was now gone. The next morning, I texted the local Ring Finders chapter and a friendly voice called me back saying her name was Karen and her husband Jay and she would love to help. I asked about the fee and she said there’s no charge but I could donate to their chapter if I wanted. They changed their existing plans and met me at Venice Beach not much later. In less than 5 minutes Karen found my ring. The next day was Thanksgiving and I couldn’t help but be thankful for my path crossing with Karen and Jay…it wasn’t the ring being returned that I was as grateful for, as it was meeting such genuinely giving people and knowing that selfless people still exist in the world. I thank them for finding my ring, but more importantly Karen and Jay showing me true kindness.

Congratulations Jay and Karen on 100 rings returned over your detecting careers. That is an AWESOME accomplishment!!!!!!!!!



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