Wedding Ring lost, Found, and Returned on Siesta Key, Florida

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Wedding Ring lost, Found, and Returned on Siesta Key, Florida

Jesse and Grisel decided to take a short weekend break on Siesta Key to spend some quality time with just each other. On their first evening at the hotel they decide to walk to the beach and enjoy the beautiful sunset. They found a place where they could sit in the sand close to the water and just enjoy each others presence as the sun dropped into the gulf. When they stood up, Jesse was brushing the sand off of his bottom when he felt his wedding ring slip off of his finger.

They looked every where and sifted through the sand thinking they would find it, but it was not to be. Jesse remembered a guy he once talked to that had recovered rings with a metal detector and decided to see if he could find someone on the internet. He googled find ring with metal detector and up popped The Ring Finders. He found the local SRARC ring finders group and called Stan Flack. Stan Called Mike Miller who then set up a recovery hunt for the next morning. Mike showed up at 7:00 am and met Jesse and his wife Grisel at the beach where they took him to the spot the ring had been lost. In a minute the ring was found and returned.

Both Jesse and Grisel were extremely happy along with Mike. We all left the beach together and walked to a restaurant where we enjoyed getting to know each other over a wonderful breakfast.

SRARC is always very pleased when we can successfully recover a cherished item for someone.

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