Wedding Ring Lost at Beach Ceremony, Found and Returned Just in Time

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Wedding Ring Lost at Beach Ceremony, Found and Returned Just in Time on Pass A Grille Beach

Scott and Tracy planned a beautiful wedding at sunset on Pass A Grille beach. Everything was setup and almost ready to go when Scott was walking across the boardwalk to the beach. As he was walking across the sand he felt strange and thought he heard something hit the sand. He stopped and checked everything he had been carrying and discovered he no longer had the wedding ring. Everyone rushed over to look but had no luck finding the ring. The wedding planner quickly informed them he knew of a group that could help. He contacted Stan Flack of SRARC Ring Finders who passed him on to Mike Miller. Mike said he could come right over but it was getting late and the sun would soon be down so they decided to go on with the ceremony without the ring.

By the time Mike got there the ceremony was over but the bride and groom were still at the alter. Mike went right to work and within 5 minutes he found the ring. Everyone was relieved and the ring was rushed over to the couple and it was just in time for Tracy to slip the wedding ring onto Scotts finger.

SRARC is so happy to have been able to recover and return this ring. We wish the happy couple all the best in their future.

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