Heirloom Wedding Ring Lost, Found, and Returned at Fred Howard Park Florida

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Heirloom Wedding Ring Lost, Found, and Returned at Fred Howard Park Florida

Jennifer along with her husband and son had spent a day at Fred Howard Park Beach on Labor Day weekend.  After putting suntan lotion on, her husband and son snorkeled over the grass flats looking for fish.  Some time during their swim his ring which was handed down to him from Jennifer’s grandparents from Germany slipped off.  Mike Miller asked Howard Metts to set up a hunt which included members Mark Silence, Jim Adams, Bill Galant, Mike Shuler, Ed Osmar, and Howard Metts.  It had been over a month since the ring was lost so expectations were not high.  Ten minutes into the Hunt Howard Metts found a  gold ring and brought it to shore were Jeanine Metts and Gerri Adams could read the inscription verifying this was the lost ring.  Jennifer is meeting with Howard and Jeanine on Thursday Oct 20 in Tampa to retrieve her husbands ring.

Great Job Team !!!!!! You make us very proud.metal detector rental+found+club+lost+ring+jewelry+tampa+st petersburg+largo+clearwater+florida


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