Wedding Ring Lost, Found and Returned at Clearwater Beach, Florida

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Wedding Ring Lost, Found and Returned at Clearwater Beach, Florida

Marco and his wife were in town from Miami vacationing in St. Petersburg when they decided to spend the day at Clearwater Beach.  Marco was doing some digging in the sand and decided that it would be best to give his wife his wedding ring for safe keeping.  She put the ring in their beach bag and they went about enjoying the beach until a storm swept in rapidly and they were forced to leave the beach in a hurry.  When they got to the car, they discovered Marco’s ring was missing.  Fortunately for Marco, the valet at the Hyatt is very aware of the SRARC’s ring finder team and told Marco’s to call on them.  Marco called Tom jones who passed on to team member Stan Flack to see if we could locate the ring.  By now it was dark so with Marco and his wife leaving the next day, Stan suggested a very early morning hunt and the two met on Clearwater beach at 6 a.m.  Unfortunately the place marker Marco had left of where they had been was now gone, but a few clues were still there including Marco’s eye for detail on a few beach trash items he remembered seeing.  A little daylight, a little deducing on a path of travel, and a dash of luck and Stan had the ring in his scoop in about 20 minutes.  A stunned Marco was very happy to have his ring back with smiles and high fives all the way around.

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