Wedding Ring Lost and Found, Then Returned on Pass-A-Grille Beach, Florida

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Wedding Ring Lost and Found, Then Returned on Pass-A-Grille Beach, Florida

Anthony and Ryan were down from Pittsburg visiting friends on Pass-A-Grille Beach just in time to experience Tropical Storm Colin. On Monday, June 6, Anthony noticed the Bimini top on the pontoon boat behind the house where they were staying was starting to blow off. He went out in the wind and rain to remove the top and inadvertently his wedding band fell off his finger and into the water between the dock and the boat. Thinking that it was gone forever he contacted some friends looking for suggestions on how to get his ring back.

One of his friends has a friend that is a member of Treasure Net Forum who contacted Stan Flack to try and locate the ring. Stan went out on Thursday and hunted for a short while and decided to try the search when the tide went out later that evening. He contacted Tom Jones to do another hunt at low tide.

Friday evening Tom and Joe Szemer went to the site to perform a second hunt. Just like most docks there was a lot of trash on the bottom. After 30 minutes and recovering everything from bolts to electric motor parts Tom moved under the boat motor and got a good target. When his scoop surfaced the ring was laying on the top of the ball of mud. Tom yelled out, “I got it”. Everyone on the dock ran over to watch Tom hand the ring up to Anthony.

Thanks again to the Ringfinders Group of SRARC, another couple will be headed back home with a great story and not a sad memory.

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