Ring Lost On Anna Maria Island, Recovered By SRARC

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Ring Lost On Anna Maria Island, Recovered By SRARC

Jessica and family were up from Venice, Fl to visit with her sister Laura and family living on Anna Maria Island. Laura and her family will soon be leaving for an extended trip to France so on Sunday afternoon both family’s headed to down the block to the beach to enjoy some time on the sand and playing in the Gulf. Jessica took both her engagement and wedding ring off and stored them safely in her shorts pocket. At some point in the afternoon, Jessica and Laura decided to play teenage girls again and started doing cartwheels up and down the beach. As evening approached they all packed up and headed for home. As they walked off the Beach Jessica reached into her pocket to get her rings and terror struck her heart. Nothing was in her pocket. They all returned to the beach and searched but soon realized it was fruitless since they didn’t have any real idea when the rings had been lost. Jessica’s husband googled lost and found Anna Maria Island and the SRARC ring finders popped up. Jessica was soon in touch with Joe Szemer who contacted Mike Miller. Mike made arrangements to meet with Laura the next morning to do the hunt. Laura staked out the area where they had been and Mike went to work. After about 45 minutes Mike got a hit and took a scoop of sand and dumped it out of the scoop. Right away he saw a shiny white gold object reflected in the sun. He motioned Laura over and pointed. Laura excitedly kneeled down and recovered the engagement ring. She then looked up at Mike and said “ There is another ring”. Mike took a swing over the same sand pile and then pinpointed the spot for her. She reached into the sand and up came the wedding ring. She couldn’t believe we had found them and instantly called her sister with the great news. Jessica was already in route from Venice in hopes the rings would be found and began crying as she received the good news. Mike was invited in for coffee while we waited for Jessica to arrive. After she arrived and the rings had been returned we all sat around the table and had a great conversation about their whole families adventures in moving from France to the USA. I want to welcome them all to the USA and thank them for their kind treatment of me. Most of all I loved to see the BIG SMILES on their faces as we parted ways.

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