Lost Heirloom Ring Found At Madeira Beach

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Lost Heirloom Ring Found At Madeira Beach

David & Melissa, from Atlanta, were just starting their vacation and celebrating their 20th anniversary. They just recently started wearing some very special rings that had been passed down to them. The rings were given to them by Melissa’s Great Uncle David & Great Aunt Lois who had been married in the 1920’s and were married for 70 years. Great Aunt Lois was blind for most of their marriage and Great Uncle David was truly devoted to her. David was wading in the surf with his daughter when he felt his ring fall off his finger. He and his family searched for several hours and had finally gave up figuring it was lost for good when a passing metal detectorist on shore had told them to search the internet for water detecting services that may be able to help. That in turn got Melissa find Ring Finders and in touch with SRARC and team member Stan Flack. A hunt was quickly organized for later that day and Stan along with Ed Osmar and Mike Shuler gave it a go in very rough waters. After about 45 minutes and a few dousing, Stan was able to walk over the ring and scoop it up from the ocean. A shocked and elated David and Melissa couldn’t believe it was found and vowed to never wear the ring in the ocean again. Great job to the Ringer finders group for sticking that one out. It was really rough out there.

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